2018 Award winners

11 finalists where invited to showcase their submission on stage december 10th at the Maastricht City Hall.

2018 Award winner category under 18 years
Rowan Zvekich – Artwork

2018 Award winner category over 18 years:
Salma Abdi – Monologue

The winners received an amount of money that they can grant to their own chosen charity.

In addition all eleven finalists received in recognition of their work a beautiful remembrance designed by Sanne Vaassen.

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The initiator

Former Mayor Onno Hoes Maastricht launched the “Maastricht Human Rights Prize “during his farewell reception on 27 June 2015 in support of his long held passions for education and human rights. Rather than the traditional farewell gifts he asked for contributions to wards the realisation of this initiative.

The Maastricht Human Rights Prize

The aim is for students from secondary schools, secondary vocational and higher education institutions to reflect on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights during their studies in Maastricht. The competition encourages them to explore more deeply the human right selected as the annual theme, to develop their own concept or vision for the right and to convincingly share this with fellow students through creative expression in celebration of the UN Human Rights Day (10 December). Examples of creative expression include written lyrics, videos, artwork, song, dance, and so on. Both individual and group contributions are welcome.

The Maastricht Human Rights Prize Foundation

Onno Hoes has asked representatives from education
al institutions in Maastricht including the Maastricht University, LVO Maastricht, Zuyd University, ROC Leeuwenborgh and the United World College (UWC) to take a seat on the Board of the Maastricht Human Rights Prize Foundation in support of its mission to honour and advocate for Human Rights.

The 2018 Theme


(Article 12, Universal Declaration of Human Rights)