2017 Award winners

The jury made a pre-selection of 25 from a total of 77 submissions. 9 finalists where invited to showcase their submission on stage december 7th at ROC Leeuwenborg.

2017 Award winners category under 18 years
Cathy, Cayou, Iris, Jill.
2nd place:
Hana Oden
Alessandra de Luca
Sofija Kalin Kirn

2017 Award winners category over 18 years:
Femke Triepels and Michelle Geraets.
2nd place:
Laura Lahaye and Anja Koep
Nina Scholtens

The winners received an amount of money that they can grant to their own chosen charity.

In addition all five finalists received in recognition of their work a beautiful remembrance designed by Sanne Vaassen.

Video and photo impression 2017 Award ceremony

Photo’s: Photostique

Video: ProXplain